We have experienced the rise of the craft beer movement in the Nordic region. Within just a few years, the region has cultivated many prestigious brewers and breweries. We find it inspirational and something that could benefit beer-lovers and enthusiasts – in China.

As the worlds largest beer consuming market, China has just started to discover the  world of craft beer. The customer awareness is still at its infancy of that in the west. But a strong middle-class with thirsty throat, open-mind and curiosity for premium beer is horning for the future.

The step into China might sounds intimidating and complicated. It does however not have to be. The team behind Nordic China Craft Beer Association (NCCBA) have over 20 years experience as restauranteurs and brewers in China/Sweden. With the strong network in the brewery society, the extensive knowledge and connection to bars, restaurants and distributors in China, NCCBA want to support your way to the Chinese market.